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Dear Families:

I look forward to the upcoming school year with considerable anticipation and optimism.  Welcome to everyone and especially our new families from the Spring Harbor neighborhood.  I hope everyone soon comes to agree that we have a wonderful program, excellent staff and supportive families.

I hope this year is one of continued growth not only for each Crestwood child but also for our school.  Last year after considerable self examination we developed goals for the next several years.  They include fostering greater relationships among staff including systematic ways of collaborating,  a more defined and enhanced approach of intervention for students who are encountering difficulty, and an ongoing examination of our practices particularly in light of the demographic changes we will be experiencing over the course of the next several years.  I will keep you appraised of our progress.

Please know that you are always welcome at Crestwood Elementary.  We welcome your ideas and we are eager for you to participate in the life of our school.  Please consider becoming involved in our parent/ teacher organization CAPT.  It is a vibrant organization. Also, there are any number of ways to volunteer.  This school will go as far as our collective talents and efforts take us.

Steve Guziewski, Principal


"Welcome to Crestwood" video 2008